1.Submit GOE Application

4. Job Offer:

Applicants who have passed the interview will be offered a position with the GOE.

7. E2 Visa:

Apply for and obtain an E2 visa at the Korean Consulate/ Embassy in your country.

6. NoA/Contract:

After your final documents have passed, you will be sent a notice of appointment(NoA) that you must take to the nearest Korean consulate in your country to apply for an E2 visa. MAKE SURE YOU SIGN THE BOTTOM OF EVERY PAGE ON YOUR CONTRACT!

8. Airplane Ticket

After securing your visa, teachers must book a one-way plane ticket to South Korea. While the ticket must be paid upfront by the teacher, they will later get "reimbursed" with the entrance allowance.

9. GOE Orientation:

Depending on your recruiting company, you may arrive in Korea a couple days before the start of your contract. Regardless, teachers must come to the Gyeongsangnamdo Office of Education's training facilities to attend orientation.

2. Schedule an Interview: Successful applicants will be invited for an interview.

3. GOE Interview

10. First Day of School

5. Submit Final Documents:

Collect all Final Documents and send them to your recruiter or in special circumstances, directly to the GOE.