GOE Programs

What: GOE High School Online eClass


Who: 36 GET's

When: 20+ Classes, 50 min each class.

Once or twice a week from April ~ December

Where: Online (Skype, Zoom, etc.)

Pay: 50,000 KRW per hour 

How to Apply: Please read the following document for more details. 

GOE Programs Cont.

What: 2020 GOE Workshop Lecture


Who: 2 GET's

When: May 15th, one hour.

Where: 경상남도교육연수원. 

Pay: Depends, but generally between 100~200,000 KRW. 

How to Apply:

We are looking for those with experience and/or education in a particular teaching methol 

GOE Events


From workshops to fully-paid trips, the GOE offers many extracurricular activities for GET's to experience Korea to the fullest. 

Important Notes​

GOE Cultural Experience