GET Guideline Booklet

Textbook CD Guideline

NEIS System Guideline

NEIS System Guideline Add-on: How to check whether your request has been approved and/or how to delete a request. 

Easy Guide for Foreigners Year-end Tax Settlement

Ministry Approved Hospitals for Employment Health Checks

End-of-the-Year Tax Settlement Guideline

Application Form 

2020 GOE Application Form

Application - Additional Information Page

Application - Lesson Plan Sample

Proof of Employment

경역증명서 / "Kyung-Yuk-Jeung-Myung-Suh"

재직증명서 / "Jae-Jik-Jeung-Myung-Suh"

Letter of Release

이적동의서 / "E-Juk-Dong-E-Suh"