So you’ve passed your interview, received your visa, spent countless hours on a plane, and are now in Korea. Congratulations! You’ve passed the first major step in becoming an English Teacher in Korea. But, before you can relax and begin your exciting new adventure in the Gyeonsangnam province, there are a couple of important administrative things you must complete:

First Step

1. Health Check
Upon arriving in Korea, one of the first things you will be doing is a health check to make sure you are physically healthy to teach and be around children.

2. ARC Card

Alien Registration Card.


This is your main source of identification and almost everything from your insurance to phone service is connected to your ARC.

3. Bank Account

There are many different banking services in Korea. Your school will most likely take you to a bank closest to your school, but whenever you have free time, do your research and see if there is another banking service you would like to join. It doesn't hurt to have more than one service.

4. Tax

Korean taxes are around 3-5% of your paycheck.

However, there are 5 countries who have negotiated treaties with the Korean government to allow their citizens to become tax exempt (no taxes from either country) for a maximum of 2 years.

For information about tax exemption please click on the links below:



Tax Questions:

If you have any questions about taxes, please contact the National Tax Service, NTS:

NTS Website:

NTS Helpline: 1588-0560

5. Insurance

Taxes and Insurance, 2 things you just can't seem to escape... However, Korean insurance is extremely affordable especially as your school will pay for 50%.

6. Housing

You will be provided with a standard one-room apartment while here in Korea. It is important to note however, that the GOE is an extremely large province and so housing will vary widely throughout. Please click on the link to learn more about GOE housing.

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Strong
Photo Courtesy of Daniel Strong
Photo Courtesy of Ryan Thompson
Photo Courtesy of Margaret Lehmann
Photo Courtesy of Christine Nguyen

Although housing is free, GET's are responsible for utilities and general upkeep of the one-room.

Fees may vary from location to location and season to season. Expect to pay around 20-40,000 won a month. (May be more, may be less)

You can pay by simply taking your utilities bill to a bank or by using a bank ATM.


Please pay utilities on time! Late payments will reflect badly upon your school as they are the ones who have provided you with the housing and are ultimately responsible for you.

Utilities Bill