First-time Teachers: Is this your First Time Teaching English in Korea?/ First Time Teaching With the GOE?

Is this your first time teaching English in Korea? Or have you taught in Korea but not with the GOE?

Then your first step is to find a recruiter. The GOE currently recognizes 5 recruiters for the 2020 school year (In alphabetical order)


Find the company, who you feel can best represent you! As they will be the ones to guide you along the way, DO YOUR RESEARCH, and choose wisely.

GoldKey Education
Canadian Connection
Hands Korea
Korean Horizons
Korvia Consulting

Experienced Teachers: Have you already worked as a GET with the Gyeongsangnamdo Office of Education?

Apply Directly to the GOE

If you have previously been a GET through the GOE, you must go through the entire application process again. However, as the GOE is already familiar with you, you will not go through a recruiter, rather the GOE will act as your recruiter.

The steps are:

Phase 1: Initial Phase

Phase 2: Interview

Phase 3: Final Documents

Phase 4: New Contract / NoA

Renewing Teachers

The GOE does not handle renewals. Rather, your school and your local school district office of education will deal with these matters. So if you would like to renew your contract, please ask your co-teacher. 

Basic Renewal Procedure:

Graded open class. You must pass a certain percentage to qualify for renewal.


Renewal Bonus of 2 million Won, received upon completion of renewal contract.